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Providing package of accompanying documents

Our Dutch export declarant 1 will prepare for you all the necessary documents:

  • Invoices.
  • CMR - international waybill, widely used in international cargo transportation. CMR consignment note is issued to confirm the conclusion of carriage agreement, which defines the responsibility of the sender, carrier and recipient of the goods.
  • Export Declarations.
  • Phytosanitary certificate — international document, issued by quarantine and/or protection of plants of producing countries authorities, confirming the phytosanitary condition of production. Phytosanitary certificate must be annexed to shipping documents that accompany the exported goods.
  • Will close TIR Carnet — cargo accompanying document giving the right to transport goods across the borders of states in sealed vehicles or containers with the simplification of customs procedures.
  • INF3 — information document, giving necessary information to identify the goods, if the goods are to be brought back into the customs territory of their country of origin.
  • Will get customs clearance.
  • Will close the transit documents and in case of misunderstandings at the customs in the EU, will settle personally the issues.

All this will be done quickly (schedule of the declarant - 24 hours per day), professionally and inexpensively.

Declarant 1 — the person transporting the goods or a customs broker (intermediary), who declares and registers the goods and vehicles on his own behalf.

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